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GL4SⅢ-Premuim CNC cylindrical grinder

Including all high-precision technology.

■ Stable dimensional change from initial workpiece -thermal displacement minimizing structure.
 · Thermal displacement is suppressed by cooling heating components such as the wheelhead, workhead and motor.
 · Compensation is unnecessary due to stable dimensional change from cold start.

■ JTEKT's overhaul engineering and low vibration technology achieve high quality grinding.
 · Achieve high accuracy and low vibration rotation by balancing motor parts.
   This can reduce wheelhead vibration by 70% and achieve a high quality surface grinding (mirror grinding).

■ Equipped with a coolant unit for high accuracy grinding parts. *optional specification.
 · Clean coolant is supplied to the machine and able to remove tiny abrasive dust which is hard to be removed by now.
 · Clean coolant enables high accuracy grinding of parts (surface grinding).

Distance between centers(mm) 500[1,000][1500]
Max. grinding diameter(mm) φ300
Grinding wheel O.D.(mm) φ405
Wheel surface speed(m/s) 30
[ ] shows optional specifications.


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