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Steel production equipment
  • Bearing for roll neck of rolling mill

    ·Capability of operation under heavy loads and high-speed rotation in the severe environment is needed to the spindle bearing.

    ·JTEKT has adopted a new carburized steel for bearings and a bearing for the roll neck of the rolling mill further improving the corrosion resistance is developed.

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  • Drive shaft for driving the roll of rolling mill

    ·JTEKT provides the drive shaft for driving the roll of the rolling mill.

    ·A series designed for heavy-load use is provided, and it can be used for severe purposes.

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  • Cylindrical roller bearing for backup roll of multi high rolling mill

    ·The bearing used for multi-stage backup roll can be installed in a multiple number on a single shaft because it distributes the rolling force.

    ·For this reason, not only sufficient rigidity and durability but also high accuracy are necessary.

    ·Bearings superior in the accuracy and service life are supplied with the JTEKT's original cored hardening method adopted for the steel material and crouching surface treatment.

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  • Bearing for supporting the roll of continuous casting machine

    ·A self-aligning bearing is used as a roll support bearing of the continuous casting machine so that heavy loads can be supported. As well, the structure allows smooth axial travel to meet requirements of thermal extension and shrinkage of the roll.

    ·A rubber material having heat resistance and stable performance against vapor is used for the bearing box seal, so that entry of water and slag is adequately blocked.

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  • Plumber block

    ·Bearing unit with bearing assembled in the bearing box having various shapes.

    ·Because of a large rated load and easy handling, it is used in a wide variety of applications such as general industrial machines and transfer machines.

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