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Engine and peripheral parts
  • Damper pulley

    ·The torsional vibration of the crankshaft is reduced, thereby improving calmness of the vehicle.

    ·Weight reduction is realized through adoption of high-damping-capability rubber and optimum design.

    ·Cost reduction and reliability enhancement are both achieved through adoption of a high-damping-capability rubber and a new bonding method.

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  • Bearing for rocker arms

    ·The mechanism is used to transmit the camshaft motion to the intake/exhaust valve.

    ·The fatigue strength of the transfer surface is improved through special surface treatment that suppresses damage in mating materials.

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  • Bearing for variable valve mechanism
    Used in the variable valve mechanism for realizing efficient suction and exhaust flows.
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  • Bearing for balance shaft
    The balance shaft used under poor lubrication environment is supported with a small torque, so that the reliability in the balance shaft movement is improved.
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  • Idler pulley

    ·The application includes the layout of the belt for auxiliary machines and tension adjustment.

    ·It adapts to rough terrains and severe weather conditions, and high-speed rotation performance, superior heat resistance and water resistance are provided.

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  • Water pump bearing

    ·Used inside the water pump; superior air tightness is required.

    ·A highly reliable air tight seal is adopted to improve the air tightness substantially, thereby achieving a long service life.

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  • Bearing for alternator

    ·A long service life under high-temperature high-speed rotation is needed for the bearing used in the alternator.

    ··Grease with improved vibration resistance is developed and adopted to realize a long service life.

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  • Clutch pulleys for alternator
    While the belt of auxiliary machines is susceptible to slip and flutter due to variation in the engine speed, an alternator pulley built in the clutch can suppress the flutter of the belt.
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